Top Notch Closeup Magic with Kevin the Cap, Aslan and Ra

This is a really nice performance involving three people. Kevin the Cap, a beautiful mother and a bratty child.

Don’t get me wrong, Aslan (the kid) is technically amazing as a magician. He really has some chops. Let’s just say one day he’ll be performing tricks for small children who know magic, and will get karmic payback.

Anyhow, Ra, his mother, hams up their relationship for some nice laughs.

It’s a great set, with a nice variety of magic including a solid cups and balls routine.

OMC Meetings for 2015 (guests are always welcome)

May 5th – Open Performance – Schedule for Tuesday, May 5, 2015

6:30pm Doors Open

6:45pm Teach-In (flip stick) — The teach-in this month will feature the flip stick move. This is a move I’ve never done, but would love to learn. Done well, it really looks like magic! Dante has agreed to take the lead on this.
Thanks Dante! I’m bringing a sharpie, a wooden spoon, and a willingness to look silly. If you have a move or effect that you would like to suggest for the teach-in, please let us know!

7:00pm OMC business Meeting

7:30pm Open Performance — Time to get some of our performance on! I am asking each member to prepare something. Even if you don’t consider yourself a performer, you’re in a magic club! There must be some little effect that you have at home that you enjoy. Bring it, perform it, and we will cheer
you on.

June 2nd – Close Up Competition

July – Dark (no meeting)

August 4th – OMC Stage Competition

September 1st – Inter Club Stage Competition

NOTE: 2015 Dues are “due” $20.00 for the year… either mail them to
c/o Robert Herrick, Treasurer
6699 Exeter Drive
Oakland, CA 94611-1642

Or bring your check or cash to the next meeting.

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